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Rione Santo Spirito  - Contrada di Santo Spirito - Palio di Ferrara
Rione Santo Spirito  - Contrada di Santo Spirito - Palio di Ferrara
Residence antica corte ferrara Residence antica corte ferrara

Hotel Ferrara Antica Corte - Yearly events in Ferrara

  • The Palio: started in 1259, it is held on the last Sunday in May every year (in case of bad weather it is moved to the following Sunday) to celebrate the coronation of Borso d'Este as Duke of Ferrara. It is held in the square Piazza Ariostea which is 100 meters from the Antica Corte.
Link to Palio Web Site - English Ver. available - Antica Corte Hotel Residence di Charme
  • Ferrara Buskers Festival: is a non-competitive festival of the best street musicians in the world and it is held during the last week of August, in various streets and squares of the city center (5 minutes on foot from Antica Corte). It is the most important festival of its kind. It is highly appreciated by the younger ones and the last edition attracted 669 artists from 27 nations.
Link to Buskers Web Site - English Ver. available - Antica Corte Hotel Residence di Charme
  • Street markets: "Organic Products Market", second Sunday of the month  (except for August, December and January) in the square Piazza Trento Trieste or Piazza Castello. "Artistic craftsmen market": third Sunday of every month (except for December) in the square Piazza Trento e Trieste. "Local Craftsmen Market ": fourth Sunday of every month (except for December) in the square Piazza Trento e Trieste. " Alter Eco Market": two yearly appointments (May and September in square Piazza Castello with organic food products, cosmetic products and various gifts and fancy goods. "Market": from January to December every Monday morning, in Piazza Travaglio and Friday morning in Corso Porta Reno, several vendors organize this market where you can find everything, from clothes to food, to flowers and everything else you might need.
  • Corriferrara Half Marathon: It takes place mid February. It’s an international race.
    Vigaranomarathon: it takes place in March. It’s another international race that attracts athletes from all over the world.
Link to Vigarano Marathon - Sorry, English Ver not available - Antica Corte Hotel Residence di Charme
  • International Kite Festival "Vulandra": which is held at the end of April. It’s an international festival (one of the most important in Europe) which is held in the "Bassani" park. All the kites are designed and made by the members of the "Vulandra" club that have built a great number of kites since 1988 of various shapes and types and continue to create new ones. Hundreds of kites of amazing shapes fly in the sky.
Link to Vulandra - Sorry, English Ver. not available - Antica Corte Hotel Residence di Charme Ferrara
  • Mille Miglia race: it is the re-edition of the famous race. From 10 pm in Piazza Trento e Trieste entertainment shows keep the people busy while waiting for the arrival of the over 350 beautiful antique cars. Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Bmw and other famous brands assure you an unforgettable antique car show and a special and exclusive night. The following morning the cars leave after showing off in the most important square of the city.
Link to Millemiglia Web Site- English Ver. available - Antica Corte Hotel Residence di Chamre Ferrara
  • Arts and Events: in Piazza Trento Trieste right by the Cathedral, in mid May, over 140 Italian cities are represented. Each city offers its tourist and cultural itineraries to over 120 Tour Operators sent from all over the world. An event that becomes more successful each year.  
Llink to 100 Cities Web Site - Sorry, English Ver. not available - Antica Corte Hotel Residence di Charme Ferrara
  • Magia di una notte d’estate - Magic of a summer’s evening: - June 21 - During the summer solstice, which coincides with the European Day for Music, Ferrara celebrates the event in the Urbano park and the V. Bacchelli wall area with a magical fireworks and musical show.
Link a Magia di unanotte d'estate - Link to Magia di una notte d'estate - Antica Corte Hotel Residence di Charme Ferrara
  • Ferrara Sotto le Stelle - Ferrara Under the Stars: – July – Recognized as one of the most qualified festivals in Italy, it presents a rich calendar of concerts extremely varied and always of high quality in the heart of the city (Piazza Castello).Riconosciuto come uno dei festival estivi più qualificati d’Italia, si svolge nel mese di Luglio e presenta un ricco calendario di concerti estremamente vario e sempre di altissima qualità in Piazza Castello.
Link a Ferrara sotto le Stelle - Link to Ferrara sotto le Stelle - Antica Corte Hotel Residence di Charme Ferrara
  • Ferrara Estate - Ferrara Summer: – From June to August – Appointments with classical and modern music, dancing, theater, literature. The program presents national and international performers  and the most important local artists in the splendid historical city of Ferrara.
Link a Estate a Ferrara - Link to Estate a Ferrara - Antica Corte Hotel Residence di Charme Ferrara
  • Delizie d’Estate - Summer delicacies: – From June to September– Exhibitions, concerts and important musical representations, in splendid locations such as the Estense castle, the Stellato Fortress, the Mesola Castle, the Pomposa Abbey, the Verginee Castle and more. Free entrance.
  • Settimana Estense - Estense Week: – September – During the first 15 days of September, various events, exhibits and shows are held in the city. The event ends with the awarding of the " Estense Journalism Award". Some of the most famous winners include: Carlo Bo, Guido Piovene, Enzo Biagi, Indro Montanelli, Eugenio Scalfari, Vittorio Sgarbi, Roberto Pazzi.
  • Balloons Festival - Balloons Festival: Ferrara Balloons Festival is one of the biggest Balloon festivals in Europe. Over 30 teams both Italian and international take part with their colored balloons. In September, 4 days of fun and magic in the skies of Ferrara and the Po Delta starting from the magnificent Urbano Bassani park, right on the Medieval walls of the city. Everybody can experience the excitement of flying and take part in a series of additional events: secured air balloon flights, kite exhibitions, parachute jumping, air flights above the city and the Po Delta and much more. Lots of sport and fun for families during the Balloon Festival: a wonderful opportunity for spending a great weekend in Ferrara.
Link a Balloons Festival - Link to Balloons Festival - Antica Corte Hotel Residence di Charme Ferrara
  • Carnevale di Cento - The Cento Carnival: it takes place in February, you can admire the carnival parade with all the masks, hundreds of people wearing beautiful costumes, the “throwing” or launching of gifts and gadgets, the crazy Samba dancers right from Rio (Brazil), the "Tasi", typical mask from Cento, the final bonfire, propitiatory ritual held on the last day and a fantastic fireworks show.
Link a Carnevale di Cento - Link to Cento Carnival - Antica Corte Hotel Residence di Charme Ferrara
  • Trigallia Festival: it takes place every years in Argenta, a town in the province of  Ferrara. Celtic festivals are a moment of aggregation and fun where people gather and spend time together, relaxing, listening to Celtic and folk music, dancing traditional Celtic dances from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany. There is typical food, there are stands in the market specialized in Celtic art and you can taste the typical Celtic drink: hydromel. During the festival the groups create camp sites, huts or real villages, they hold shows and fights, they teach the young and old the art of the sword and bow shooting.
Link a Trigallia Festival - Link to Trigallia Festival - Antica Corte Hotel Residence di Charme Ferrara
  • International Po Delta Birdwatching Fair: International Po Delta Birdwatching Fair: unique fair held every year at the end of April for all birdwatching enthusiasts and nature lovers. Organized trips in particularly interesting areas from a naturalistic point of view, conventions, photo exhibits, concerts and sport events with horses, canoes, bikes and sailboats. Very fun also for children and teens it’s a chance to closely experience the contact with nature.
Link a Delta Po Fair - Link to Delta Po Fair - Antica Corte Hotel Residence di Charme Ferrara


  • New Year’s Eve in Ferrara: 31 December – In Piazza Castello, transformed into a big disco under the open sky, everybody waits for the new year dancing and listening to music. At midnight, great fireworks and then…more music!
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