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Rione Santo Spirito  - Contrada di Santo Spirito - Palio di Ferrara
Rione Santo Spirito  - Contrada di Santo Spirito - Palio di Ferrara
Residence antica corte ferrara Residence antica corte ferrara

Hotel Ferrara Antica Corte - Environment-friendly policy

The Antica Corte Residence is committed to environmental protection and to the reduction of polluting emissions.
  • Heating and water in bathrooms: we use a geo-thermal system through remote-heating. It’s an alternative to traditional systems with gas or diesel oil boilers, which enables to concentrate the production of heat in a few plants, more efficient and better controlled systems compared to house boilers. The heat is brought to our plant from these plants as hot water (about 95°C ) and through heat exchangers with zero emissions, it enters the heating systems. Hence, our rooms are heated in a natural way, the hot water for bathrooms and the kitchen is obtained by using natural sources and the emission of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere are completely eliminated.
  • Technological plants and electric appliances: all the plants used inside our activity are classified class A or A+ thus limiting the waste of electricity and water and contributing to the reduction of the emission of CO2 and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and protecting the water reserves. 
  • Lights: we use for 90% of our consumption energy-saving lights thus contributing to the reduction of electric consumption and the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. All other lights use other energy –saving system such as timers or movement detectors.

  • Insulation of rooms: all the rooms are insulated through aerated insulating sheaths and the windows have double-glazing to limit wastes of energy during the winter season and keep the environment naturally fresher in the summer limiting energy consumptions and contributing to the reduction of  CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Recycling: we strictly use recycling policies for paper, plastic, aluminum, glass and used batteries and we encourage our guests to do the same.

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